Friday, January 2, 2015

Ed Freed's Tribute to Raymond E. Brown

When I visited with Ed Freed November 29, 2014, he was eager to tell me some of the stories about people who influenced his scholarly career. I interjected during the conversation that I had authored a website dedicated to Raymond E. Brown. When I said this, Ed's eyes sparkled and he proceeded to tell me about his lifelong friendship with Ray and how it all began.

Edwin D. Freed (1920-2014)
Fortunately for me, Ed also recounts his initial encounter with Father Ray in his From Small Town Boy to Biblical Scholar: Edwin Dreese Freed: An Autobiography: With Ann Freed: A Life of Friendships, ed., Jane S. Kessler, printed locally, 2014 (141-142). I have included this account on the "Recollections of Ray" Page here.

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