Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Great Interviews

My friend , Nijay Gupta, has interviewed two scholars who were perhaps the most influential in guiding me through my early days of New Testament scholarship, Gordon Fee and Craig Keener.

Fee is interviewed about his Galatians commentary in the Deo series, and Keener is interviewed about his Romans commentary in the New Covenant Commentary Series from Wipf and Stock.

Among the highlights for me in the Fee interview is that he plans on revising his classic 1 Corinthians commentary, mostly to update the bibliography and that he recommends Dunn or F.F. Bruce's commentaries on Galatians other than his own.

Keener's interview seems to imply that a much larger scale work on Romans is still in the works, as the current commentary "could employ only a very small percentage of my research..." Secondly, I found fascinating his view on being familiar with ancient sources as a backdrop for the NT world.

Take the time to read both of these interviews. It will be well worth the time.

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