Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gospel of Mark Paper Proposal Accepted

I recently received the good news (no pun intended) that my paper proposal for the Mark's Gospel in Mediterranean Context section of the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference has been accepted.

Here is the abstract with the particulars:

Sigh Language: Jesus’ Groans in Mark’s Gospel against their Greco-Roman Background

The goal of this paper will be to examine the two pericopae in which Jesus is said to ‘sigh’ in Mark’s narrative (7:31-37; 8:11-13).  Throughout, I will examine the differences between the terminology the Markan author employs (e.g. στενάζω; ἀναστενάζω) and show that nearly all English translations mask the significant differences between his nuanced vocabulary.  In addition, I will focus specifically on the latter term, ἀναστενάζω—a hapax legomenon in the NT—and its usage in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman literature.  Having situated Jesus' sighs against these socio-literary contexts, fresh insights into his actions will emerge.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mark Commentaries

In preparation for a research project, I was wondering if any of you out there had some suggestions on commentaries for Mark's Gospel? I covet your suggestions and more importantly, the reasons for your suggestions. I am embarrassed to say, despite my ever-growing library, I only own one Mark commentary, that of Ben Witherington, in the Socio-Rhetorical series (Eerdmans).