Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Biblical Greek classes

In my perusal around the internet and biblioblogosphere, I wanted to point out a couple of different free Greek courses made available.

The first I discovered was via YouTube, and is taught by a Jeff A. Jenkins and is comprised of 39 classes and the first class can be accessed here:

The second resource I discovered was from Jim Hamilton, who has an excellent post on how to prepare for second semester Greek. The resource is Ted Hildebrandt, who posts 28 video lessons along with mp3 files for Greek vocab.

I applaud those who are offering these types of resources, as this is yet another move in the right direction, making seminary-level resources available to the wider public. Make sure you check these out!


AlaBill said...

Many thanks for these two resources. I had not seen them before.

Unknown said...

Another resource is by John Moore and can be found at the following address: