Sunday, February 21, 2010

iTunes Resources

From time to time I enjoy perusing iTunes U to see if there are any lectures or classes worth downloading. Today I found a small, yet significant cache of cool resources.

The first is from Abilene Christian University. These are the Carmichael-Walling Lectures and here one can find the likes of Margaret Mitchell, Luke Timothy Johnson, James D.G. Dunn to name a few.

The other resource of interest is Robert Mulholland's class on Revelation  from Asbury Theological Seminary(course NT666; ironic eh?). Here one can download all 22 classes either as video, audio, or both.



Daniel said...

Thanks for the heads up. I had not seen the Asbury Revelation one. If you are interested in more audio links for Biblical and theological studies I have two pages dedicated to Biblical Studies on iTunes and Theological Lectures

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Hey, Daniel.

Thanks for checking in. Wow, thanks for pointing me to these! Great stuff!