Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Fall for the Gospel of John

I have noticed that this fall there are several very important contributions to John's Gospel that are worth keeping an eye on.

Leading the charge is J. Ramsey Michaels' John commentary for NICNT (Eerdmans), a replacement for the nearly 40 year old contribution of Leon Morris' in the same series. Checking in at a hefty 1100+ pages and 17 years in the making, this will surely be a standard for some years to come.

Urban C. von Wahlde's (ECC) 3 volume contribution totaling close to 2,000 total pages, makes Michaels' volume seem small by comparison. It should be noted however, that von Wahlde treats the Johannine Epistles in volume 3.

Yet another Eerdmans volume, this one authored by Daniel B. Stevick, handles John 13-17, and is entitled Jesus and His Own. Stevick argues "that no place in the New Testament says more about the interior life of the church — a community that through Christ, lives in close communion with God, under the Spirit, and in tension with the world."

Finally, Zondervan (Feb. 2011) enters the Johannine fray, with C. Marvin Pate's introductory volume The Writings of John: A Survey of the Gospel, Epistles, and Apocalypse.
This survey of John’s writings introduces students to the Gospel of John, the Johannine epistles, and Revelation, covering the texts themselves as well as issues of authorship, transmission, background, and interpretation. Books themselves receive paragraph-by-paragraph commentary, which includes applicable insight for the Christian life today.

Students of John's Gospel have quite the feast laid before them in the coming months!

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