Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Romans Volume

  Well-known and regarded New Testament scholar, Richard Longenecker, has a volume on Romans that will be released sometime in the spring (Eerdmans). The Eerdmans site incidentally, attributes this volume to his son, the equally well-known and regarded, Bruce Longenecker, but this is a typo.

Longenecker is working on a Romans commentary in the NIGTC series (Eerdmans) so this volume may serve as a foretaste to the commentary.

Here are the details:

Introducing Romans: Critical Concerns in Paul’s Most Famous Letter

$40.00 Paperback

536 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6619-6
Paul’s Letter to the Romans has proven to be a particular challenge for commentators, with its many highly significant interpretive issues often leading to tortuous convolutions and even “dead ends” in their understanding of the letter.
Here, Richard N. Longenecker takes a comprehensive look at the complex backdrop of Paul’s letter and carefully unpacks a number of critical issues, including:
Authorship, integrity, occasion, date, addressees, and purpose
  • Important recent interpretive approaches
  • Greco-Roman oral, rhetorical, and epistolary conventions
  • Jewish and Jewish Christian thematic and rhetorical features
  • The establishing of the letter’s Greek text
  • The letter’s main focus, structure, and argument
Update: Eerdmans has corrected the typo and now shows Richard Longenecker as the author of this volume.

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