Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reading Plans

I have seen quite a bit about reading plans for the New Year across the blogosphere. May plan on reading throught the entire NT in Greek, some the entire OT in Hebrew over a two-year span, and some even through the Pseudepigrapha over the course of this year.

My goal was to do the first. I made it successfully through the first 3 days with my plan, but now find myself hopelessly behind. I am now making a more realistic goal and that is to read through the Pauline corpus over the year. I figure this will give me a better chance to set a goal and to actually achieve it. I also thought about mixing in some OT readings, both in the MT and the LXX. Does anyone have any recommendations here? My first inclination was to work my way through the Pentateuch, but I was wondering if I should read the major prophets instead?

Well, it's on to Romans...

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