Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frank Matera's Pauline Theology

Frank Matera is one of my favorite NT scholars going. I love both his 2 Corinthians and Romans commentaries, finding both of them lucid and great for teaching.

I am really excited to see that the soon-to-be-retired, Matera, has authored a Pauline Theology entitled, God's Saving Grace: A Pauline Theology (Eerdmans) that will be released in time for the SBL annual meeting.

The book weighs in at an accessible 288 pages, retails for an affordable $28.00, and should provide an excellent textbook for any introductory course on Paul and his letters.

Here is a description of the work:

God's Saving Grace by distinguished biblical scholar Frank Matera views the theology of the Pauline letters through the lens of the saving grace that Paul experienced at his call and conversion. Focusing on Christology, soteriology, theology, anthropology, ecclesiology, ethics, and eschatology, Matera explores the unity as well as the diversity of the thirteen Pauline letters. After considering the nature and goal of Pauline theology, Matera examines the crucial role that Paul's call and conversion played in the development of his theology, and he demonstrates how this event influenced the whole of Paul's thought. Written in a clear and coherent style, God's Saving Grace presents students, professors, and pastors with an overview of the theology found in the entire corpus of Paul's letters. This work is comprehensive yet concise, accessible to students and scholars alike.

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