Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gospel of John Resources

I am excited to have an opportunity to teach the Gospel of John at my church in the fall. It will be an adult Sunday school class, and when I taught Romans a few years ago, I had between 20-25 folks per week. I'm figuring this class will attract at least that many.

Meanwhile, I have been charged with creating a syllabus and to come up with a text to use for the course. I was wondering if any of my blogging friends had any suggestions? I have talked to some of you privately already, but I am wondering what others may think. Thus far, I might be requiring Craig Koester's The Word of Life: A Theology of John's Gospel as I have ordered it in order to read it and then consider it for class.

Also, for my own individual preparation, what monographs, articles, essays, commentaries and the like should I be reading? I have a fairly extensive list thus far, but again, I am curious as to what you all think.

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