Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raymond E. Brown Video Clips

I make no apologies when I say that Raymond E. Brown is my favorite NT scholar of all time (along with C.K. Barrett). It was Brown's The Death of a Messiah, after all, that helped launch my interest into Biblical studies, and for that, I'll always be grateful. One of my regrets is never having the opportunity to meet the great man. In light of this, it was nice to track down some short video clips on Brown. There are three and I have them listed below:

1. This excerpt is taken from a DVD entitled, Critical Questions and the Bible

2. This excerpt is taken from the DVD, Passion and Death of Jesus

3. This last clip is taken from the DVD entitled, The Resurrection


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Paul Soffe said...

Hello Matthew
Great to see some of Fr Ray's clips on your blog. Just to let you know that i was given the work some time ago of making all Ray's recordings available to the public. There are several audio and DVD's on my site
If yourself or any of your friends on this blog or elsewhere would like to order i have just created this discount coupon for %50 off the published prices


also i see the clip Critical Questions is shown. That is a clip from the 3 hour double dvd set of same name. When ordering any other title from the cart this will be sent free ! BUT you must add the code freedvd to receive this

OK. As you know Matthew , Ray was a great teacher of the NT and these recordings have been an incredible blessing to so many

If i can be of any more help etc please let me know.And hey i would like to hear from you anyway!

thanks Paul