Tuesday, June 11, 2013

George Caird Video Clip from "Who was Jesus?"

A few weeks ago, I discovered a video on Mansfield College which documented the transition of the Principalship from John Marsh to George B. Caird. This of course, led through a wonderful confluence of events, the donation of sixty plus audio files from Jeffrey Gibson, a New Testament scholar and former student of George Caird's.

The maker of the intial film, Peter Armstrong, who was a student at Mansfield College at the time, went on to become a producer at the BBC, where he served for 25 decorated years. One of the documentaries that Armstrong co-produced along with Don Cupitt, was the 1977 documentary, Who was Jesus? Mark Goodacre alerted me to its existence, but sadly, there were no clips anywhere online. I reached out to Peter Armstrong, and he has graciously uploaded a video clip from the documentary which features a Q&A with George Caird! I am not sure if Armstrong will upload more clips, but I am hopeful, as he has designated this as 'Part 1'.

Without further ado, here is the video (incidentally, there is a short clip of David Flusser on here as well, and some unfortunate handling of a DSS fragment by a preservationist!)


Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Matthew. Fascinating!

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