Friday, October 11, 2013

The Select Works of C.K. Barrett- Logos Bible Software

The good folks at Logos Bible Software, namely, good friend, Cliff Kvidahl, was nice enough to send a review copy of the "Select Works of C.K. Barrett" (7 vols.). Barrett, along with Dodd, were the two most significant British New Testament scholars of the 20th century. Being a huge fan of Barrett, this is veritable goldmine for this Logos user.

The collection consists of:

  1. New Testament Background; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1956; Pages: 392 
  2. Gospel According to John; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1978 (Second Edition); Pages: 656
  3. Holy Spirit and Gospel Tradition; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1958 (Second Edition); Pages: 176
  4. New Testament Essays; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1972; Pages: 159
  5. Gospel of John and Judaism; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1975; Pages: 101
  6. Essays on John; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1982; Pages: 167
  7. Essays on Paul; Publisher: SPCK; Publication Date: 1982; Pages: 170
Here is a screenshot of Barrett's famous John commentary and also his influential essay "The Dialectical Theology of St. John":

I will have more on this bundle in the weeks to come.

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