Monday, December 9, 2013

The Love of God Made Visible: Francis J. Moloney and Dorothy Lee teach eConference on the Gospel of John

Some time ago, I discovered that the Australian Catholic Bishops conference featured an e-conference on the Gospel of Mark taught by eminent NT scholar, Francis Moloney.

I have now discovered that Frank is at it again, as he joined another excellent Johannine scholar in Dorothy Lee in teaching an e-conference on the Gospel of John.

Frank Moloney and I in my study.
One will need to download the video player for the site in order to watch the videos. It is remarkable how much material is covered in such a short amount of time, speaking to the mastery over this material that both of these scholars have over the contents of the Fourth Gospel.



Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew, I just saw your comment on Frank Moloney's Facebook page and followed it to your blog. How does one find the connections to the two eConferences you mention--the one on Mark by Frank and the second by Frank and Dorothy Lee? I would love to hear or see/hear them. Frank was my dissertation director at Catholic U. in DC--I like to tell people that I am his "American first born"!

Mary Kate Birge

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Mary Kate- The links are to be found in the posts themselves. Here is the post on Mark:

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.