Saturday, May 3, 2014

William L. Lane Audio Lectures on Mark's Gospel

William L. Lane (1931-1999)
William L. Lane, author of well-known and classic commentaries on both Mark's Gospel (NICNT) and Hebrews (WBC), passed away 15 years ago this past March 7th. Lane was a big influence on Michael Card, Christian recording artist and writer, as well as NT scholar, George Guthrie and countless others.

It is one thing to get a sense of the man through his writings, and Lane's scholarship was first rate--but I find that audio recordings really provide a fuller sense of the man and his ministry.

Fortunately, a year before Dr. Lane's untimely passing, he recorded a series of teachings on Mark's Gospel, at Christ Community Church of Franklin, TN, where this adult education series was delivered in the summer of 1998.

These teachings can be found here. On this audio series, one  will find a man full of warmth and also a scholar who lives out what he teaches while challenging others to do the same.


mochajava said...

Hi Matthew;

I coincidentally downloaded them yesterday as well. Looking forward to listening to them, as well as my Rikk Watts lectures.

My question is; in his Hebrews: Call to Commitment book, William Lane mentions delivering an 11 week series on Hebrews, which were televised at the time. I was unable to find video or audio for these messages. Have you looked for these at all? You seem to be good at discovering old recordings.
Thanks! I enjoy your website.

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Hey Jay!

Thanks for stopping by! You read my mind! I have been on the hunt for these, but have yet to find them. I do believe the church that Lane delivered them at no longer exists. Hopefully, they'll pop up on YouTube someday.



Unknown said...

Hi Mattew , there are audio lecture on ITunes at SPU by Dr. Lane are tremendous!