Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ramsey Michaels' "Remembering Bill Lane"

As promised, Ramsey Michaels' tribute to Bill Lane is now up on the EerdWord blog. Many thanks to Ramsey for his tribute and the picture he provided of himself with Lane and Glenn Barker when they received their Harvard Divinty Th.D.'s in 1962, which I include in this post below.
From Left to Right: Bill Lane, Glenn Barker, Ramsey Michaels


Unknown said...

Love Bill Lane and all his lectures and notes he has provided me over the years! Thank you Lord for this man for the church. Anthony

Unknown said...

I love the man for all that he has given to me in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I can't get enough material to read by him. Anybody that is willing to share material I will be forever grateful!