Sunday, October 19, 2014

Markus Barth's Lectures on Ephesians and Colossians

Markus Barth 1915-1994

After some laborious work, I have made available digitized versions of Markus Barth's lectures on Ephesians and Colossians, which were originally published in 1969 by Alba House Communications. As far as I can ascertain, these lectures are no longer available for sale, but if there is a copyright issue, I will gladly take the links down. Moreover, these lectures have appeared only on cassette and never in any digital format until now.

There is roughly over two hours of content here, and I have recorded them in WAVE format to ensure a higher quality sound.

M. Barth was probably most widely known for his work on these two so-called Captivity Epistles, culminating in commentaries in the Anchor (Yale) Bible Series.


UPDATE: After having the original files accessible through Drop Box, the files were rendered inaccessible due to the amount of traffic that said files were receiving.

I then took to the task of converting the WAVE formatted files converted to mp4 files and uploaded. With the help of my friend, Mark Goodacre, the files now have viable links for everyone to download once again.

Markus Barth Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 1

Markus Barth-Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 2

Markus Barth-Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 3

Markus Barth- Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 4

Markus Barth- Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 5

Markus Barth Ephesians, Colossians Lecture 6


Sean said...

This is incredible. Thank you. Just a question, in the links are lecture one and two the same?

Unknown said...

I can't reach any of these lectures by Barth. All I get is 404 for each and every one.

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Kenneth- Thanks for visiting.

I am working on getting these reuploaded soon.

I will drop you a note when they are up again.