Thursday, November 13, 2014

C.F.D. Moule and the 'Moulies'

The 'Moulies' at Robinson College, Cambridge; SNTS Meeting, 1988: (From left to right)
Back row: Graham Stanton, John C. O'Neill, Eugene Lemcio, Peter Richardson, Andrew Lincoln

Center row: Jimmy Dunn, C.F.D. Moule, Stephen Smalley, Robert Morgan

Front row: Max Turner, Margaret Thrall, Douglas de Lacey, A.J.M, [Sandy] Wedderburn, Carl Holladay

Recently, I have been in correspondence with Eugene (Gene) Lemcio, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University. We have been discussing, among other things, his doktorvater, the great C.F.D. (Charlie) Moule. As many of you know, Moule is in my pantheon of all-time great NT scholars, so this correspondence has been a real treat.

Gene has been nice enough to send the above photo to me and given his permission to reproduce here on NT Perspectives, as it comes from his private collection. He refers to the pic as "The Moulies," a photo mostly made up of Charlie's former doctoral students at the SNTS (Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas) meeting in Cambridge, 1998.  I say 'mostly' Moule's former doctoral students, because Gene notified me that the exceptions in the photo are as follows:

Stephen Smalley and Robert Morgan were undergraduate students of Moule's, but were profoundly influenced by him and remained lifelong friends. Also, John O'Neill was a colleague in the Divinity faculty before he left for Edinburgh University.

It is striking when you see this many great NT scholars in one picture, and even more striking that the man of small stature, pictured in the middle, was a profound giant in all of their lives and no doubt, in many others.

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