Sunday, May 31, 2015

Supplemental Resources for 'Four Portraits One Jesus'

Over eight years ago (man, time flies!), I recommended Mark Strauss' Four Portraits, One Jesus, as a premier textbook that covers both the gospels and  Historical Jesus research as well as any introductory text that money could buy. I have not altered my view in the ensuing years, as I believe Strauss does a wonderful job of addressing a myriad of issues lucidly for the beginning student.

Sample Page of laminated sheet
I am delighted to say that the best is now even better, as supplementary resources have been added to the textbook, including a laminated sheet, encapsulating and distilling the most important information of  each chapter of Four Portraits, as well as a workbook, which expands on the questions and exercises found in the main text at the end of each chapter.

Sample worksheet exercise
Moreover, slated for a July release, Four Portraits will also include video lectures by Strauss. Those who wish to simulate a seminary classroom experience can take advantage of this unique opportunity and learn from one of the prominent Evangelical Gospels and Historical Jesus scholars in the world (I will have a follow-up to this post when the videos release).

Zondervan Academic continues to set the bar for high quality in both content as well as aesthetic beauty, in that readers who purchase Strauss' Four Portraits  and related material, will not only receive materials that are sensibly organized, full of valuable content, but will also receive content that is beautiful, a pleasure to actually take up and read! Zondervan Academic understands perhaps better than any publisher that content and beauty are two sides of the same coin and Four Portraits is no exception.


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