Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fr. Lawrence E. Frizzell Remembers Fr. Raymond E. Brown

Rev. Lawrence E. Frizzell, S.T.L., S.S.L., D. Phil., Director and Associate Professor, Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program, Seton Hall University, shared some memories of colleague and friend, Raymond E. Brown. I would personally like to thank Fr. Larry for his encouragement and support of the website. The tribute can be found here.

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AK said...

when i was living in palo alto about a decade ago, i would study at st. patrick seminary. they had inherited ray brown's full library. i remember taking one of nt wright's volumes off the shelf and saw that the pages were covered with hand-written notes. i wondered, who wrote in this book? i turned to the front page and saw dr. brown's stamp. i wish now that i had photocopied all of those pages! or even better, i wish i had pdf-ed it all and posted it for the scholarly community's use. i'm sure there are many other monographs and commentaries in that library that have substantive hand-written notes from dr. brown.