Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forthcoming: Collected Essays of John Barclay on Pauline Churches and Diaspora Judaism

Eerdmans is doing students of the New Testament another service by
gatheringrepublishing (Mohr Siebeck) 19 collected essays  from John Barclay entitled, Pauline Churches and Diaspora Judaism. The book is scheduled for a Sept 1 release and will retail at $48.00

Here are the particulars:

For the past twenty years, John Barclay has researched and written on the social history of early Christianity and the life of Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora. In this collection of nineteen noteworthy essays, he examines points of comparison between the early churches and the Diaspora synagogues in the urban Roman world of the first century. With an eye to such matters as food, family, money, circumcision, Spirit, age, and death, Barclay examines key Pauline texts, the writings of Josephus, and other sources, investigating the construction of early Christian identity and comparing the experience of Paul's churches with that of Diaspora Jewish communities scattered throughout the Roman Empire.

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