Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yung Suk Kim's "Christ's Body in Corinth" and Website

I have been tracking Yung Suk Kim's forthcoming Christ's Body in Corinth:The Politics of a Metaphor for some time now.

Here is the blurb: Plus check out the cool cover! »

Yung Suk Kim takes up the language of "body" that infuses 1 Corinthians, Paul's most complicated letter, and the letter that provides us the most information, and poses the sharpest questions, about social realities in the early church. Kim argues against the view that in speaking of the church as Christ's body Paul seeks to emphasize unity and the social boundary. Against the conventional rhetoric of the "body politic" in Greco-Roman philosophy, Kim argues that Paul seeks rather to nourish the vitality of a diverse community and to criticize the ideology of a powerful in-group in Corinth, a message of
particular importance for contemporary global Christianity.

In addition, Kim has a really nice webpage that can be found here.


Matthew R. Malcolm said...

Yet another purchase I'm going to have to make, having happened upon your blog - my own research is focused on 1 Corinthians, and I'm very interested in Paul's usage of 'body' terminology throughout his letters. Great blog... except it only allows comments from people signed into 'blogger' - which means I can't comment directly from being logged into my present (wordpress) blog... but good stuff, nonetheless!

Yung Suk Kim said...

Hello, Matthew:
Thanks for this "good" blog. I found it very useful. I am author of "Christ's Body in Corinth: The Politics of a Metaphor." Thanks also for writing about my book.

All the best,

-Yung Suk Kim

Yung Suk Kim said...
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Yung Suk Kim said...

I am so glad that my book was just published a few days ago. Its name is "Christ's Body in Corinth." I hope my newly born baby breathes smoothly in this uncertain world that we live now. I have updated my book information on my web:

Thanks for your support. --Yung Suk Kim