Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Deals are Just Too Good To Pass Up!

I was on my way home tonight when I decided to stop at my local Half-Price bookstore. I usually go about once a month or so, but have not done so in quite awhile.

I have been able to find some real gems in the past such as Richard Hays' landmark study Echoes of Scripture in the Letter's of Paul ($6.98) and WBC volumes (6) to be precise all beginning at the ridiculously low price of $6.98 up to $19.98.

So anyway, back to the story.... I stopped in tonight to find the late great Raymond E. Brown's classic study The Birth of the Messiah: New Updated Edition (hardcover)for $14.98! It is not used at all- I think it must be one of those overstock deals, but anyways, I'll take it!

I bought Brown's Death of the Messiah back in about 1998, when I first felt a calling into biblical scholarship--in fact, I believe it was one of the first five books I purchased in my pursuit. I had longed for awhile to pick this classic up and now at long last, I have it!

This brings a question to mind. What book deal stories do you have? What are some of the places in which you have found great book deals?


Bryan L said...

Heck don't get me started on deals I get at Half Price Books. I'm frickin' addicted to that place. : )

I've gotten so many good deals there that I wouldn't even know where to start. I've got one the size of a grocery store near my house.

Bryan L

Scripture Zealot said...

We have a Christian resale shop not too far away. I found a book called How To Pray by Torrey, Copyright 1900. There is an inscription on the inside in beautiful handwriting that says March 8th/05 at the end. It took me a while to realize this is probably 1905. Wow.

The book has recently been reissued but I'm glad to have this old copy which is in great shape. It's a nice basic book on prayer.

One thing I like about it is there is no preface, endorsement, introduction blah blah, he just gets right into it.

It cost .87 cents.

danny said...

In Boston we don't really have a place like that, which is rather unfortunate for a low income bibliophile. We do have CBD, which has warehouse sales every so often and you might be able to find good deals there (in fact, I found The Birth of the Messiah there a couples years back).

Mason said...

In a turn of events that has both good and bad sides, I live in the Mecca of Christian publishing, Grand Rapids MI.
Zondervan and Kregal distribute discount books to many local stores, and even better both Baker and Eerdmans have bookstores where you can get a wide variety of books and anything that they publish for 60% off.
It's great for my library, not so great for my bank account as I have a really hard time passing up the great deals.