Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craig Keener on the Historical Jesus

The cover shown above is Craig Keener's forthcoming volume The Historical Jesus of the Gospels. The only info I have is that the Eerdmans volume retails for $60.00, is 840 pages long, and has an October release date. The 840 pages is very Craig Keener-like, so I am not surprised. Knowing his other works, such as the Gospel of John commentary and a forthcoming volume(s)on Acts, this book is a Cliffs Notes size in comparison!

Knowing Craig's level of scholarship, this will be a much anticipated volume that will be well worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is massive. Keener's "The Historical Jesus" is in the same rank, at least quantitavely, as Schweitzer's momentous "The Historical Jesus" and Thiesen's and Mertz's"The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide.

Anonymous said...

Did you also know he's working on a two-volume commentary on Acts? The last time I corresponded with him he stated that he had it all completed and was editing it.

Jonathan Hanna said...

When is the commentary on Acts coming out? Thank you.