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Forthcoming Festschrift for James D.G. Dunn

I just wanted to highlight a forthcoming festschrift in honor of James D.G. Dunn due to the fact that two of my former professors, mentors, and friends have each devoted an essay to the volume.

Here are the particulars:

Jesus and Paul: Global Perspectives in Honor of James D. G. Dunn for his 70th Birthday
edited by B. J. Oropeza edited by C. K. Robertsonedited by Douglas C. Mohrmann

A new generation on scholars examine many of the themes explored by the outstanding scholar James D. G. Dunn.
Imprint: T & T Clark International
Series: Library of New Testament Studies, The
Series Volume: 414
Pub. date: 08 Oct 2009
ISBN: 9780567629531 256 Pages, hardcover World rights £70.00

James D. G. Dunn has been one of the most influential New Testament scholars of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. His works have altered the very way biblical theologians view Jesus and Paul. This book is written in gratitude of his influence and mentorship. The focus of the work parallels the major research of Dunn’s career. It emphasizes the life and teachings of Jesus as remembered by his disciples, the new perspective on Paul, teachings in the Pauline letters, and relevant topics related to ancient Judaism, the Law, Soteriology and Christology in the New Testament. Eerdmans published a festschrift for James D. G. Dunn’s 65th birthday. The scholars who contributed to this volume, however, were primarily colleagues and friends of James D. G. Dunn. Very few of Dunn’s former students, and none of those working under his supervision during his last decade at Durham, were invited to participate in the first festschrift. A new generation of scholars, who are being widely recognized in their respective fields and who have published a number of books, journal articles, and academic essays, would also now like the opportunity to honour their former teacher and to demonstrate to the scholastic community the breadth of his influence.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Editors’ Preface Foreword by Richard B. Hays Foreword by N. T. Wright Select Bibliography of Publications by James D. G. Dunn PART I: JESUS AND THE GOSPELS 1. Written Islands in an Oral Stream: Gospel and Oral Tradition, James F. McGrath 2. Debtors, Laborers and Virgins: The Voice of Jesus and the Voice of Matthew in Three Parables, Stephen I. Wright 3. Jesus’ Message of the Kingdom of God: Present and Future Tensions Revisited, Jey J. Kanagaraj 4. Sinner According to Words of the Law, Righteous by Works of Love: Boundary Challenges in Relation to the Woman Who Anoints Jesus (Luke 7:36–50), Ellen Juhl Christiansen 5. Jesus and Magic in Luke-Acts, Graham H. Twelftree 6. Barabbas Remembered, Helen K. Bond 7. Judas and the Jews: Anti-Semitic Interpretation of Judas Iscariot, Past and Present, Arie W. Zwiep 8. Jews or Christians? The Opponents of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel, J. Martin C. Scott 9. New Testament Christology in Recent British Scholarship: A Sketch of Distinctives and Debates, Simon J. Gathercole 10. The Worship of Jesus among Early Christians: The Evidence of Hebrews, Kenneth L. Schenck PART II: PAUL AND HIS LETTERS 11. Inheriting the Agitator’s Mantle: Paul and the Nature of Apostleship in Luke-Acts, C. K. Robertson 12. Running in Vain, but Not as an Athlete (Galatians 2:2): The Impact of Habakkuk 2:2–4 on Paul’s Apostolic Commission, B. J. Oropeza 13. Of “Doing” and “Living”: The Intertextual Semantics of Leviticus 18:5 in Galatians and Romans, Douglas C. Mohrmann 14. Israel’s Triumphant King: Romans 1:5 and the Scriptures of Israel, Don Garlington 15. Paul and Ethnicity: The Paradigm of Globalization, Lung-kwong Lo 16. The Cheirograph in Colossians 2:14 and the Ephesian Connection, Allan R. Bevere 17. The Epistle to Philemon: Paul’s Strategy for Forging the Ties of Kinship, John Byron

The sixteenth and seventeenth contributions come from my friends Allan Bevere, who performed his doctoral work under Dunn, and had his dissertation subsequently published in the prestigious JSNTS series entitled, Sharing the Inheritance: Identity and Moral Life in Colossians. Incidentally, in addition to pastoral and teaching responsibilities, Allan also has an excellent blog that can be located on my blogroll.

My good friend, John Byron, another Durhamite, makes the final contribution to this volume in an area where he is to my mind, the leading scholar on slavery as it relates to the New Testament. He has published among other things, his revised dissertation entitled Slavery Metaphors in Early Judaism and Pauline Christianity (Mohr Siebeck) and Recent Research on Paul and Slavery (Sheffield Phoenix). These two volumes are must haves for anyone doing work in these areas.

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Thanks for this, looks like a great volume to a great scholar. Durham is a place I'd love to study at and seems like others have enjoyed their time there.