Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frank Matera on YouTube

Here is a cool video of a lecture that Frank Matera delivered at Villanova University last year in celebration of the Jubilee Year of Paul. The title of the lecture is "Living in the Newness of Life: Pauls Understanding of the Moral Life".

Also here is a short clip of Matera discussing the importance of "background reading" before taking on Paul's Epistle to the Romans.

Here is yet another short video of Matera discussing the "righteousness of God" (Rom 1.16-17; 3.21-31) and Romans 1-11 and the moral exhortation that follows beginning in Romans 12.

Incidentally, as announced previously on this blog, Matera has a Romans commentary (Paideia; Baker Academic) due to be released in the fall. These videos should whet the appetite in the meantime!

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