Tuesday, March 2, 2010

F.F. Bruce and the Motherload of Audio Resources

My 40 hour a week job "encourages" me to listen to my iPod quite frequently. I have a ton of music downloaded on there and quite a few lectures. The latter help me stay intellectually and spiritually sharp, something I crave after doing work that does not require much in the way of thinking.

So, lately I have agressively pursued resources in the latter category, lectures. The other day I was delighted to find a lecture series that the late, great Markus Barth delivered on Baptism in the NT. I've often wondered what his voice sounded like, now I know. That led me to see if I could track down any resources of another late, great scholar, one F.F. Bruce. Well, I discovered some! Five lectures to be exact. They are on the subject of Fulfillment of the OT in the New, more specifically, "The Time is Fulfilled Promised Beforehand Through His Prophets" delivered at Moore College in a year not specified. Bruce does mention at the outset of Tyndale Fellowship being founded 36 years prior, so that may provide an indicator of the year. The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth lectures can be heard here.

What is cool about finding these particular resources is in finding other great lectures. Myrhh, The Moore Institutional Repository contains some 1,700 + lectures/sermons of such luminaries as Paul Barnett, D.A. Carson, Scott Hafemann, Bruce Metzger, Peter O' Brien, Brian Rosner, Bruce Waltke, Bruce Winter, and N.T. Wright. Concerning O'Brien, there are 108 lectures/sermons contained on this site! There is fairly recent stuff on Hebrews to go along with Colossians, Ephesians, and Philippians --the other commentaries he has written.

Happy listening!


Brandon said...

These are the 1977 Moore College Lectures, which were later published as _The Time is Fulfilled: Five Aspects of the Fulfilment of the Old Testament in the New_ (Exeter: Paternoster, 1978).

About Brandon said...

I came across your blog and love your focus on the Word. Right on!

(pastor from Michigan)

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Brandon and Jennifer- Thanks for checking in and your kind words.

Brandon-Thanks much for tracking down the info.

Fr. Michael Flowers said...

Thanks for the Moore link. I was able to download some and others required a login. Is there a way around that?