Friday, October 29, 2010

Kudos all the Way Around: Michael Holmes and Michael Hanel

The two Michael's, Holmes and Hanel, have just made my studying of the GNT that much sweeter! First, as many of you well know by now, Michael Holmes has partnered with SBL, creating a free GNT (SBLGNT)! Please, take the time to read through all the particulars here.

I am also grateful to Michael Hanel, of the Bibleworks blog, for creating a download to place into Bibleworks! As soon as I saw that SBL partnered with Logos (which I do not own), I had wondered if anyone would create a module for Bibleworks. I have already downloaded the module and it looks great! I'm anxious to see how it differs from the NA27.



Michael Hanel said...

The apparatus is now available for download too. Pick it up here.

jdarlack said...

I’ve just added an update to the BibleWorks version of the SBLGNT that includes the apparatus (as a module) in addition to the versions that Michael Hanel put together.

Matthew D. Montonini said...

Thanks for the info, James!