Monday, April 25, 2011

Blurb for the Inscripted Project: Tablets

My good friend, Mike Halcomb, has managed to balance the life of a husband, father, budding scholar, and now, add another hat, rapper. I marvel at how he does it all! He has begun a band/project deemed The Inscripted Project. Here is my blurb of his first offering from said project, the album Tablets:

Tablets the new album by Michael Halcomb, aka ‘Halc’, is unlike any Christian rap this listener has ever heard. The style and the beats are not necessarily what make Halc’s creation unique. Rather, it is his ability as a lyricist that has me nodding my head in amazement. Not to disparage other Christian rappers, but one will not find any greater theological depth in the rap game than what ‘Halc’ has set upon the table. In a minute sampling of his tracks, one will come across the names Hillel and Shammai (“Infidelity”), geographic references, Israel and Mesopotamia (“Catch Ya Breath”), Hebrew terms such as Torah and dĕbārîm, (“Family Honor”).

Profound lyrics aside, 'Halc' desires his listeners to hear prophetically.  The vision of "Tablets" is an exposition on the Ten Commandments. While his lyrics demonstrate a deep awareness of the ancient world from which the commandments derive, ‘Halc’ doesn’t strand the listener there. Instead like any good teacher, he unpacks the principles that theses commandments have on 21st century life. So if you are tired of the same shallow lyrics that pervade much of bubble gum Christian music/rap, pick up a copy of Tablets and allow ‘Halc’ to elevate your heart, soul, and mind.

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