Friday, March 9, 2012

Ceslas Spicq's Hebrews Commentary

My friend, Cliff Kvidahl of Logos has alerted me to a major publishing event of Ceslas Spicq's magisterial commentary on Hebrews, which up until now has never appeared before in English. The two-volume set totaling over 900 pages, has been long unequaled in the history of scholarship on this letter. Cliff has been hard at work on this for some time, and right now Logos is offering the set on pre-pub for $39.95.  The more interest this project draws will guarantee it's production.  Please check it out!

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Dennis Baugh said...

Thanks, Matthew. I really didn't pay attention to this when Logos sent me the original email announcing the commentary. Your post got my attention, so after researching further I ordered it on Logos. Thanks again. Craig