Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daniel Block's New Deuteronomy Publications

Daniel Block,Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton, has recently released two significant publications on Deuteronomy. One, The Gospel According to Moses, marks the second volume in a series written for Wipf and Stock, the first was, How I Love Your Torah, O LORD!

You can read a description of this work here.

Further, Block's highly-anticipated commentary on Deuteronomy (NIVAC) will be released by Zondervan in time for SBL in November. You can read more here.

What's more, Carmen Imes, a student of Block's, states that more could be in the works:
Meanwhile, the longer 3-volume (1800-page!) version of Block’s Deuteronomy commentary is under consideration by two publishers. If this one goes to press, it will hopefully include all of Block’s Hebrew diagrams for the entire book, making it an excellent set for teaching exegesis courses.

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Spoiledmilks said...

3 Volumes!? I know what I"ll be getting for Christmas/my birthday in the unknown future.

Good to know ;)