Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leon Morris Audio Lecture on Love, Christian Style

As some of you may know,  Leon Morris' forthcoming one-hundredth birthday has touched off celebrations at Ridley College, Melbourne, where he served some sixteen years (1964-1979) as Principal.

Leon Morris (1914-2006)
I did a bit of digging around and found a lecture that Morris gave in 1979, the final year of his principalship of Ridley College. Here you will hear Morris' characteristic regard for "biblical words as fundamental building blocks of meaning and theology." (P.Adam, "Leon Lamb Morris" in the Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters, 2007; 752).

The lecture is entitled, "Love, Christian Style,"  and comes courtesy of the C.S. Lewis Institute. Incidentally, as I have posted in the past, there are other audio recordings of Morris that can be found here, dealing mostly with John's Gospel.

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