Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rudolf Schnackenburg and the Quote of the Day

Rudolf Schnackenburg
Reading a bit through Dale Bruner's The Gospel of John, I came across this interesting quote from Rudolf Schnackenburg on John 9:39-41:

"Because the Pharisees will not be shifted from their self-importance even by the great sign and the testimony of the man cured of blindness, their sin 'remains.' Through all specifically first-century polemic, this story exposes a fundamental feature of human behaviour: the person who is locked within himself and wants only his own advantage is closed to God's claim because it challenges him. As he hardens in his attitude the more brutally he is confronted with God's demand if he does not free himself from the straightjacket of his egoism." (The Gospel According to St. John, 2:256; quoted in Bruner, The Gospel of John, 602).

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