Saturday, March 8, 2008

Richard Bauckham Drumwright Lectures Multimedia

I noticed on Celucien Joseph's outstanding blog "Christ My Righteousness" that Richard Bauckham was to deliver the annual Drumwright lectures at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The lectures in total are three with the theme being "Eyewitnesses in The Gospel of Mark" : March 6, "Eyewitnesses: Simon Peter" (10:50 AM)March 6, " Eyewitnesses: Bartimaeus" ( 7:00 PM)March 7, "Eyewitnesses: The Three Women" ( 11:00 AM).

Furthermore, the first of the three lectures has been posted online. Bauckham has changed the order of the lectures leading off with the Bartimaeus lecture first. The video can be accessed here. The audio can be found here. I do hope the remainder of the lectures will be made available as well.


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Richard Bauckham video on the Gospels and Eyewitness Testimony