Monday, March 22, 2010

Off the Grid: What a Voice!

Myles Kennedy, lead singer of AlterBridge, has simply one of the best voices in rock today. Here he is in Amsterdam performing an acoustic version of "Watch Over You." Simply beautiful.


Marcus Maher said...

He does have a very good voice.

Do you listen to Alter Bridge much? I haven't heard much of their stuff. How has Mark Tremonti developed as a guitarist? I thought that he showed a lot of promise in the first Creed Album but never developed in that band as I hoped. Has he grown in Alter Bridge?

Matthew D. Montonini said...


Hello. Yes, I have their second album, "Blackbird". It is really good. They are currently recording their third album. As far as Tremonti goes, I believe he is better today than ever. He has a website that gives you a good idea of his abilities: Incidentally, Creed's recent album is pretty good as well. It seems like Scott Stapp is getting his life together.