Monday, January 9, 2012

Around the Blogosphere and Gundry's free Ephesians Commentary

There are many interesting, thought-provoking posts swirling around the biblioblogosphere today.

  1. John Byron tackles Tim Tebow, errr, his overzealous fans.
  2. Michael Halcomb performs and instructs with some conversational Greek.
  3. Daniel Kirk kicks off the blog tour for his new book, Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? Nijay Gupta has  an excellent post on chapter one here. Incidentally, I will be posting on chapter 2 tomorrow, and I am honored to share the stage with Tim Gombis.
  4. Want a freebie? As I posted previously, Robert Gundry's Ephesians is available as a free e-book today only. Click here.

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