Friday, May 24, 2013

George B. Caird NT Theology Lectures Online

Through a happy confluence of events, sparked by my blogpost the other day regarding Mansfield College, John Marsh, and George B. Caird, Mark Goodacre and I have been graciously given audio files of George B. Caird lecturing on New Testament Theology, by a former student and an outstanding New Testament scholar in his own right, Jeffrey B. Gibson.

In personal correspondence, Jeffrey mentioned to me that he was a student of Caird's at Oxford from 1979 until Easter of 1984 when Caird passed away. These recordings take place between 1979-82. Gibson also informed me that much of what can be found on these sixty-plus audio recordings was incorporated by another Caird student, Lincoln D. Hurst, into Caird's NT Theology, for which the latter had left roughly two-thirds of a complete manuscript at the time of his passing. According to Gibson, outside of  another former student, John Muddiman, no one knew Caird better than Hurst, so it was fitting that he would be entrusted to see it to completion.
George Bradford Caird (photo compliments of Jeffrey B. Gibson)

Gibson was also kind enough to provide a picture of Caird, of which I have never seen until yesterday.

Update: Jeffrey has given Mark Goodacre and I the blessing to share these audio files of Caird's lectures, which can be conveniently found at a  page I have created that can be accessed on this blog (right sidebar) or simply click here.


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