Thursday, May 2, 2013

John, Jesus, and History Conference

I am very excited to hear the news that the John, Jesus, and History section of SBL in partnership with Saint Mary's Seminary and University is holding a pre-SBL conference Nov 20-22, celebrating the legacies of two of the greatest Johannine scholars of the 20th century, C.H. Dodd and Raymond E. Brown.

C.H. Dodd
Dodd's groundbreaking, The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel and his Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel, are celebrating their 60th and 50th anniversaries, respectively, and will be celebrated in a collection of essays published by Cambridge University Press and co-edited by Tom Thatcher and Catrin Williams, entitled, Engaging with Dodd on the Gospel of John.

Many of you know that Raymond Brown is perhaps my single favorite NT scholar of all time, so I am excited that he is going to be celebrated at an institution in which he used to teach. His two-volume commentary on the Gospel of John is still among the top commentaries ever penned and his The Community of the Beloved Disciple has and continues to be very influential in Johannine scholarship. I hope to attend this. Here is the flyer below:

Father Raymond E. Brown

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