Sunday, May 19, 2013

George B. Caird Video Clip

George B. Caird, a famous New Testament scholar, is shown lecturing at Mansfield College, Oxford, where he served under Principal, John Marsh, from 1959-69, before taking over the principalship in 1970-77.

This clip, starting around the ten minute mark, shows Caird lecturing on Jesus' high priesthood in Hebrews and is not quite two minutes long. Caird can also be seen around the thirty minute mark eating dinner with other faculty, including Marsh, who sits at the head of the table with Caird sitting to his immediate right hand side. Following from there, between approx. the thirty-one minute mark and 33:18, Caird and Marsh seem to be discussing the former's succession of the latter's principalship of Mansfield College.

Caird is best known for his works Jesus and the Jewish Nation, New Testament Theology, The Language and Imagery of the Bible, and Principalities and Powers. In addition, Caird served as a doktorvater to New Testament luminaries such as L.D. Hurst and N.T. Wright.

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