Saturday, March 7, 2015

C.E.B. Cranfield and the Quote of the Day

In an brief note, "Reflection 3: Revisiting ‘the works of the law’ in Romans 3:20" written in 2010 for Theology in Scotland (vol. XVII, no.1: 71-82), C.E.B. Cranfield notes that despite the fact that Galatians is undoubtedly Pauline and also the shortest of the Hauptbriefe, it should not be used for a gateway into Paul's theology due to the emotional nature of the epistle. His quip on why interpreters should look elsewhere for a better understanding of Paul's theology is worth quoting:

"If a friend or colleague shows signs of being under special stress, the courteous and generous reaction is to allow that person space. It can scarcely be said that Paul has received this sympathetic courtesy." (79)

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