Sunday, March 22, 2015

Richard Longenecker's Paul, Apostle of Liberty Reissued?

Richard Longenecker, one of the eminent New Testament and Pauline specialists of the past fifty- plus years, has a busy fall ahead. Not only does Longenecker's long-awaited Romans commentary await the eager hands of scholars and students alike, but it appears that his Paul, Apostle of Liberty is getting another run. Originally, (so far as I can tell) Paul, Apostle of Liberty was published in 1964 by Harper and Row. Baker picked it up in a reprint in 1980, while Regent College Publishing did the same in 2003. Now it appears that it is Eerdmans turn (October, 2015). This volume includes a foreword by former student and top Pauline scholar in his own right, Douglas Campbell, Professor of New Testament, Duke Divinity School.

I cannot think of a scholar I admire more than Richard Longenecker. His work his always top shelf (I love his Galatians commentary), so this volume will be a must have for those who have yet to purchase previous editions.

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