Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mike Gorman on Paul's Gospel

Mike Gorman's latest Reading Paul is a delightful introduction to the study of Paul. I like what I am reading thus far and I really enjoy what Gorman says about the Pauline gospel:

According to Paul, the gospel of God is not a set
of propositions; it is the account of the planned, executed, and
soon-to-be-consummated benevolent intervention of God into the history of
Israel, human history more generally, and the entire cosmos to set right a world
gone awry
(italics original; 44).

The comment sounds much like N.T. Wright whom along with Richard Hays Gorman mentions in his acknowledgements as strong influences on his interpretation of Paul (x).
Do you think Gorman is correct? What definition would you give for Paul's gospel?

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