Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recommendation Needed

I have always found this to be a fruitful way to hunt down my next commentary purchase. So here goes: I am looking for a really solid commentary on the Johannine letters. I do own Smalley in WBC, but it is a bit dated (1984).

I have heard that Yarbrough's (BECNT) recent contribution is good, but I am also wondering about anything else that I should be considering.

So if I could have your opinions on Yarbrough and others I would greatly appreciate it.


Sean said...

Yarbrough is good, but his Calvinism appears in some unexpected places. Kruse is pastorally helpful, but not comprehensive. Strecker is probably the most technical. Smalley has offered a complete revision of his WBC. But I still like Dodd, then Brown, then Kruse.

Daniel said...

Yarbrough is my favorite by far, but I am a bit biased. Kruse in Pillar is quite good as well.

danny said...

Personally, I think Rudolph Schnackenburg's commentary is underrated in evangelical circles. I use him and Kruse side-by-side and have benefited. I haven't used Yarbrough yet, so I can't say.

Scripture Zealot said...

I like Kruse but I don't have others to compare it to.

Something a little different is That You May Know: Assurance of Salvation in 1 John (New American Commentary Studies in Bible and Theology)

It's on assurance of salvation but it reads like a commentary and he manages to cover nearly all of 1 John. Depending on your purpose this might be nice.