Sunday, May 26, 2013

Craig Koester Videos on Revelation: The 2013 Schaff Lectures

Craig R. Koester, professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., recently gave the 2013 Schaff Lectures (March 22, 2013 at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary) entitled: “The Apocalypse, Archaeology, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

The videos from these can be viewed below:

“From Patmos to Laodicea: The Crisis of the Ordinary in Revelation 1-3”

  “The Beast and Babylon: The Political and Economic World of Revelation 13-18”

  “New Jerusalem: God’s City and Ancient Cities in Revelation 21-22”

Koester is one of the top Johannine scholars in the world and has a highly-anticipated commentary on Revelation coming out in the Anchor Yale series, a volume in which David deSilva told me will be the best commentary on Revelation when it is published.

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Living the Biblios said...

Matthew- Thank you for bring these lectures to our attention. I listened to all three and they were each outstanding.