Monday, December 3, 2007

Carson reviews VanLandingham

Recently at the Pistis Christou session @SBL , I had the opportunity to meet Ardel Caneday. Quickly the discussion turned to the subject of VanLandingham's book. We were both ruing the fact that we had not seen much in the way of reviews for the book. My short-lived posts were interrupted by a fatal cup of coffee that ruined VanL's book, so I asked Ardel if he had seen anything. He was just as curious as I, as to why the anticipated firestorm surrounding the book never materialized. Well, we have t0 wait no longer! In the latest RBL, D.A. Carson gives us a thorough critique (6 pages) of the book and its' contents. Do check it out!


Mike said...
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Mike said...

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As for myself, I have only worked through Dr. VanLandingham's section on the final judgment in Judaism (Chapter 2). I just read Carson's review, and I think he makes some very fair criticisms of VanLandingham's work. However, I couldn't help, but see that Carson was quick to work from his own theological biases (e.g. his comment on "sinless perfection" in the conclusion).

I've been enjoying your posts. Keep it up!

Mike Whitenton

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